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The Men's Fashion Cluster at MRKET - the exclusive show for the menswear industry

published: 26 January 2014 | 14:59:43

The Men's Fashion Cluster at MRKET - the exclusive show for the menswear industry

MRket runs from Sunday, January 26 through Tuesday, January 28, 2014. It is a global fashion trade show for discerning menswear brands. Representing the best collections in men’s clothing, sportswear, footwear and accessories from the United States and abroad, MRket is the only show in the US to spotlight such a diverse and large grouping of international sections, such as the MADE IN ITALY and UK Design areas. The best men’s stores in North America and over 47 countries attend MRket because it is a serious writing, networking and press event. Featuring Vanguards Gallery, an incubator for new and emerging brands curated specifically for our attendees, MRket means business.

This year at MRket you can visit the booth of the Men's fashion cluster. The representatives of the cluster are looking for USA fashion designers to join the Men's Style project. The main idea of the project is to support designers to create their own successful business.

The advantages of the project are combined in 4 points:
- 'Be modern' – In the platform of the project a new collection will be offered every week (not twice a year as many brands do)
- 'Live naturally' - Production of all-season wool suits by quality 'Super S' fabrics;
- 'The measures matter' – All suits will be made-to-measure;
- 'The quality is in the details' - Each suit will be tailored individually and will have unbuckle buttons on sleeves, AMF decorative stitching where the client wants, embroidery with the customer's name, fabric label guaranteeing the origin and quality, the designer's label.

If you are a USA fashion designer and you are interested to join the project, meet the Men's Fashion Cluster representatives at MRket or send an email at contest@mens-fashion-cluster.com.





We are accepting applications from fashion designers from Europe and USA to join the Men's Style fashion design project. Just fill in the application form

Job opportunity - Become a Made-to-measure Agent in Europe or USA

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