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The director of the Men's Fashion Cluster at Première Vision

published: 19 February 2014 | 15:33:30

The director of the Men's Fashion Cluster at Première Vision

Première Vision, the World's Premier Fabric Show ™ takes place from 18 to 20 February 2014 at Parc d'Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte to present the fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2015. No fewer than 700 weavers from 28 countries present collections in synergy with both the fashion calendar and the apparel industry demands.

The director of the Men's Fashion Cluster is at Première Vision to select more menswear fabrics for the collections of the fashion designers, participating in the Men's Style International fashion designers contest. If you want to create your men's suit collections using the cutting edge fabrics, but you can't afford to buy them, the project offers you this fantastic opportunity! You just need to design your models of business men's suits and they will be produced by the organizers, who will also pay you when your models are sold at the online made-to-measure shop of the project. If you did not join the Men's Style project yet, you can do it at www.mensstyle.org

Here is some information that we learned from the Première Vision site about menswear fabrics for Spring/Summer 2015.

New masculine adornments are subtle and delicate. Menswear fabrics explore softer handles and aspects.

”We elaborated washed-outs with a soft hand, but not too soft. For menswear, we wanted something supple but always with a certain hold. We feel that brands are looking more and more for colour: in recent seasons, men have been daring to wear it. On some of our bases the fabrics are so washed out that the yellow, green or blue colours bleed, whiten or fade. We are also showing very subtle micro-checks, micro-stripes and micro-structures for the men’s market.“
Banu Özgen, Burçe, Wash&Dye, Première Vision, 6WD108

“We’ve always researched how colour is perceived, and chromatic effects. By playing with weaves, fabrics can lend new aspects to shirts or jackets. We are focused on the idea of transformations. This season, we are presenting graduated effects, either on small-checked base fabrics or on larger and blurrier checks. Beyond the visuals, we are also betting on very soft handles in linens or very fine summery cottons, somewhere between voile and organza.”
Roberto Leva, Leggiuno, colour wovens-shirtings, Première Vision, 6H8–6J7

“Our developments are focused around mixes of yarns and colours. For us, movement remains a key concept. We are looking to present yarns that provide an ever-increasing visibility of colour and nuances. This mixture of cotton yarns reveals imitation checks or a lattice work imitating random pencil strokes. In the same vein, another yarn creates irregular, vertical and two- or three-toned lines, blurry or in graduated tone-on-tone.”
Simone Salvetti, Franzoni, Expofil, 5P80

“There’s a high demand for checks with very blurry effects for suits. Like these low-contrast Prince-of-Wales patterns that are so barely visible - they only emerge depending on the light - that they aren’t even really checks anymore. Stripes are part of the same trend. There is a certain fatigue when it comes to patterns that are too neat, too marked. So our fabrics bring out or hide these blurry patterns, playing with a discreet fantasy, but always very updated.”
Aline Galimberti, Dormeuil, suitings, Première Vision, 6L20





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