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Interesting eco-friendly idea for DIY clutch

published: 10 July 2014 | 10:54:44

During the visit of five students from the National Academy of Art at the Richmart factory, one of the girls was wearing her own model of clutch made of an old T-shirt.


Five students from the National Academy of Art visited Richmart factory

published: 10 July 2014 | 10:26:13

In the beginning of the week, Irina Milanova, Vanesa Yosifova, Yelena Yankovich, Maya Mateva and Marta Pesheva from the National Academy of Art visited Richmart factory for a two-day production practice and free training for taking measurements for made-to-measure men's suits.


Vincenzo Iadicicco visited Richmart factory

published: 03 July 2014 | 15:51:56

Vincenzo Iadicicco is a menswear fashion designer from Italy. He joined the Men's Style project and was invited by the Men's Fashion Cluster for a free training in men's custom suits measurements and fitting.


Kinga Luks visited Richmart factory

published: 20 June 2014 | 15:39:24

The designer from Poland Kinga Luks visited Richmart factory this week and created her models for the Men's Style project.


Fashion designer Mariana Razuk, a participant in the Men's Style project, visited Richmart's factory

published: 25 March 2014 | 15:40:09

Brazil-born and Germany-based designer Mariana Razuk, who is one of the participants in the Men's Style project, came to Bulgaria to visit the menswear factory Richmart. Mariana met the team of the Men’s Fashion Cluster and she was acquainted with the process of the production of made-to-measure suits. She was trained to take measures for men's made-to-measure suits.


Say 'No' to black business suits

published: 04 March 2014 | 16:43:49

The classic men's suit is most wanted for corporate and formal wear. Huge amounts of garments are sewn in black, gray and blue and this makes male's style in offices extremely unattractive and impersonal. The 'fashion' element is actually missing.


The director of the Men's Fashion Cluster at ZOOM Paris

published: 19 February 2014 | 16:38:32

The 11th ZOOM fair takes place under the Première Vision Pluriel banner from 18 to 20 February 2014 at Paris - Nord Villepinte, Hall 2. The show’s integration within the group is now complete under the management of PV Manufacturing. Fashion professionals attending Expofil, Première Vision, Indigo, Modamont and le Cuir à Paris will also visit ZOOM to see its diverse range of high quality manufacturing solutions for their collections.







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