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Men's Style project 2014

published: 31 July 2013 | 10:54:59

Men's Style project 2014

I. THEME: The men's suit – modern and practical


1. To preserve made-to-measure traditions of the suit and to make it more attractive and practical in everyday life of men, teenagers and children.  

Consultants of the project are made-to-measure tailors with long experience from more than 20 countries in Europe, North America and Australia (the oldest tailor is 84 from London; from Australia - 4th generation tailor from a company with 164 years of history; Denmark - selling fabrics, the company started its activity in 1784.)                                          

2. "Live naturally, choose the wool"

To promote the use of wool fabrics, which allows the clothes to breath, is ecologically clean, practical, light and fine. The project is in unison with the global campaign "For" the wool, organized by Woolmark and supported by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.

Inspired by the motto "Live free, choose the wool" MFC will support the designers which use fabrics from wool in the creation of their collections. For making the collections the designers will receive fabrics from the newest collections of the world's famous manufacturers from EU (UK and Italy).

3. Preserving the existing and opening new working places.
The project offers specific business opportunities, for preserving and opening new working places in the men's suit industries for:
        - fashion designers;
        - fashion photographers and filmmakers;
        - software developers;
        - manufacturers of machines for the sewing industry;
        - manufacturers of ironing presses;
        - manufacturers of fabrics;
        - accessories for the man's suit;
        - manufacturers of men's suits;
        - ateliers for МТМ suit;
        - other companies, serving the fashion industry.


Designers older than 18 years old from Europe and USA can participate in the project.

We will support people with business ideas and willingness to achieve successful business realization.



  • up to 50 approved designers will receive:
  •  business plan for developing mobile or station atelier for men's suits made-to-measure
  • training for the realization of the business plan
  • up to 5 designers every month (from January 2014 till December 2014) will be chosen and will receive the listed bellow prizes:
  • sewing the collection - up to 5 models (the models should be compatible for factory production)

The models will be manufactured in the European factory for made-to-measure men's suit /Richmart factory/.

For the making of the suits will be used only fabrics from European manufacturers (UK, Italy) - more than 1000 designs in wool fabrics.
The manufactured models made in the framework of the competition remain available at the organizer for promotional purposes. Upon request they can be made especially for you at production cost.

  • Men`s suits factory5 days production practice
  • During the making of the models in the factory you will get the chance to follow the entire process of production of your models.

  • photo session of your collection
  • PR campaign for the designer and his collection in the media partners of the project
  • inclusion of the collection in e-shop platform of MFC
  • designers will receive a percentage of sales of the models included in the e-shop
  • participation of the collection in an international fair of joint booth

MFC (Men's Fashion Cluster) participates in 10 international fairs in the spring and autumn:

- Berlin, Germany;
- Salzburg, Austria;
- Copenhagen, Denmark;
- Amsterdam, TheNetherlands;
- New York, USA;

- Las Vegas, USA;
- Moscow, Russia;
- Poznan, Poland;
- Paris, France;
- Dusseldorf, Germany.

  • A percentage of sales of the collection.

When garments from the collection of the designer are sold, he will receive percentage of their sales.

  • PR campaign for the participation of the collection at the exhibition - it will be published in the Internet medias, partners of the project



  • entering the project
  • sewing of the collections
  • participation in the production experience
  • training and introduction in the business plan (МТМ atelier)
  • including the collections in the online web site
  • including the collection in a monthly magazine
  • participation of collections in an international trade fairs
  • representing the designer in a book (one annual edition)

You have to pay for your transport & accommodation, only if you would like to attend the following activities:

  • visiting of mills (Italy, Great Britain)
  • visiting of a suit producer (Bulgaria)
  • attending an Annual Contest (Black Sea, Bulgaria)
  • personal designer attendance of the inernational trade fairs and individual presentation of the collection (Germany, Austria, Denmark, The Netherlands, USA, Poland, France, Russia)
  • attending the photo sessions
  • other trips on your request


  • If you would like to take the tailored collections for your own business purposes or if you like us to sew other collections for you, the organizer will submit an opportunity to acquire them on production costs.


We invite everyone who likes the project and wishes to participate as sponsors and media partners to reach us at e-mail contest@mens-fashion-cluster.com.


We wish good luck to all participants!
Greetings from MFC team!





We are accepting applications from fashion designers from Europe and USA to join the Men's Style fashion design project. Just fill in the application form

Job opportunity - Become a Made-to-measure Agent in Europe or USA

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